Who’s this Abike Jagaban? You need to see this if you love your marriage! (Video)

Hailed as the queen of talk show,the prolific vlogger, master of ceremony,also known as ABIKE JAGABAN,ajagungbade the 1st,ijaya soro soro ton so lowo. Abike Jagaban is ushering in a new generation of talk show and blogging both in Africa and diaspora, as well as re-energising the entire blogosphere. Born in Ebute metta Lagos,the western part of Nigeria, Abike was a graduate of Mass communications at Ogun state University,as well as a graduate of history and international relations from lagos state university. Upon the completion of her studies, Abike relocated to the united kingdom to pursue her dreams.

Undeniably: Abike Jagaban became a household name as a result of fighting for social justice and against cyber bully. Her slogan remains “LIVE and LET OTHERS”. Due to her relentless efforts,this has attracted notable individuals and dignitaries on the live show.Currently, Abike Jagaban is a brand ambassador for multiple businesses across UK and Nigeria. She is broadening her horizons across the Atlantic,all the way to the US of A. The Abike Jagaban brand has been extremely successful within the SME and corporate enterprise marketing campaigns, having marketed some brands on her live show, and numerous high profile individual businesses are in the works.

Last but not least, Abike Jagaban is also a proven leader and CEO,having catapulted some of her protégées into full fledged bloggers/vloggers.In this depressed world of technological evolution,social injustices and cyber bullying occurs concurrently within the cyberspace..Abike Jagaban has evolved within the blogosphere/vlogospgere to revolutionise the industry by crafting a different dimension of addressing issues that people can identify with, and by using creative means to market and monetise the Abike Jagaban brand.




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