UPU PG: Barovbe Opts For Taiga

As the election of the foremost Urhobo social cultural organisation, Urhobo
Progress Union, draws near, the Ahwotu of Urhoboland and Proprietor of
Westminster College, Lagos, Chief Johnson Barovbe, has thrown his weight
behind the incumbent President General, Olorogun Moses Taiga.

In a press statement, Chief Barovbe said Olorogun Taiga remains the best
candidate for the position of the President General of UPU. “I supported him
during the first election that brought him to power and I am supporting him
again. Olorogun Taiga has performed to my expectation. He has fulfilled most of
his electoral promises. Under his leadership, the Urhobo Cultural Centre
Uvwiamughe, which used to be an eye-sore, is now a beautiful edifice. The micro-
finance bank and the Mukoro Mowoe University projects, which he promised, are
on-going. More progress will be made during his second term,” Chief Barovbe

He also commended Olorogun Taiga for resolving the intractable disunity among
Urhobos in the UK. “For a long time, the UPU UK had two factions, but Taiga has
been able to unite them. Taiga has also brought respectability to the office of the
UPU President General. Did you hear that any politician brought money and
bought the UPU over during the last election,” Chief Barovbe asked.

He advised those who are interested in UPU positions to buy the nomination
forms and contest instead of engaging in campaigns of calumny. “The elections
will hold on the first week of December and is open to all Urhobos. You cannot
tell anybody not to put himself up for re-election when the constitution allows it,”
Barovbe said.



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