‘Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu & Ambode: We’re Not Zombies!’

By Femi Oworu

Sanwo-olu everywhere like he’s a saint coming from heaven to govern Lagos…just because you want to spite one of your own whom you think has blocked avenues for party leaders to chop.

Did we know Ambode from anywhere? Were you not the ones who brought him to us and just like one Sanwo-olu whom we did not know now?

You told us Ambode is an accounting whizkid who, if not for him, when Obasanjo seized Lagos money, we would have been in trouble, but for his accounting and financial management wizardry, Lagos was able to weather the storm.

All of a sudden, Ambode is now a villain, declared persona non grata by the same party leaders who sold him to us. Now, they’ve started singing another name up and down. Sanwo-olu can move mountains, he can create valleys, bring water out of the rock like Moses and can even take Lagos to the moon.

It’s always the same rhetoric. Praise a man to high heavens, then remove the shock and make him fall. Same way Fashola was presented to us as a presidential material. They said Lagosians should be lucky to have him as Governor. They said normally, he should be our President therefore we should count ourselves lucky.

Before you know what’s happening, Fashola became their enemy too. They hunted and harassed him until he left. He escaped by his whiskers and up till now, he’s maintained his distance from them to keep his sanity. Àwon ló máa s’opé Adé gún, àwon náà ló tún máa s’opé Adé ò gún mó.

If you think Lagosians are fools, then you all are members of Dundee united. You think you can play with us like a zombies? You think Lagosians don’t think and don’t know the real reasons why all these is happening?

See, by all standard, Ambode has done pretty well. No leader gets it all. Yes. He may have missed it in some aspects. Did Asiwaju get it all as Governor of Lagos state? Did anybody stay on his neck like they sat on Fashola and sitting on Ambode’s neck now?

If you think you can just wake up and bring anybody to us again, changing Governors like you change your bed sheets, then you’ve all made a mistake this time around. Lagosians will show you, we are not to be taken for granted.

Political parties are there to serve the interest of the people and not the interest of party leaders. We shall meet at the polls…That which you want to do, do it quickly!



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