Temilayo Princess Abodunrin: Meet inspiring young talented saxophonist

New gift to the music industry Temilayo Princess Abodunrin has come to shine as one of the up and coming fast rising Saxophonists in the entertainment world in Nigeria.

The young pretty and petite talented Saxophonist is so passionate about the music industry and her undying love for playing the Saxophone has been her propelling force since she fell in love with the musical instrument from her tender age.

The unassuming Saxophonist fondly called Temilayo was born in Lagos Abodunrin in Lagos state on the 19 of November 2009 to Mr. & Mrs. Abodunrin. She is from a family of 5 with 2 siblings and an indigene of Offa in Kwara State.

Interestingly, she came up with the idea to play Saxophone as an instrumentalist. In the beginning her parents introduced the keyboard to her at age 4 and a music teacher who comes home to teach at home. And funny enough, most of her toys are musical instruments.

According to Princess, she disclosed that “She was invited to play in a concert where other kids of my age where playing the Saxophone and she was playing the keyboard, after that event, she developed interest in playing the saxophone”. It is a very beautiful and lovely instrument with the shining metal, all that makes me want to feel what it is even as a child. So I told my parents and they bought one for me, she emphasized.

Her strongest influencers in life and role model are her parents and her love for music and good sounds led to her earlier career as a Saxophonist. Her friends and acquaintances described her as a very quiet person in and outside the music world.

She is a bundle of talents that is rare to find among her peers. She attends Flora Nursery and Primary School, Lagos and she presently in Primary 4 with good academic scores to the admiration of her peers in the school.

Information revealed that her parents are her best friend because they are very close. And, from the onset in her found career and talent, she is got the support of her parents 100 percent and also, they always stand by her and her brothers always to ensure they have the right things they need and give them every support needed.

Princess loves playing the Saxophone and enjoys her quiet moment and loves reading too.She squealed that nothing can make her stop playing Saxophone in this world no matter what because that is what she enjoys doing.

She loves Nigerian music and she so motivated in some music with high fusion of the Saxophone that she often dreams of being one of the best Saxophonists in the world. She really loves to improve on her dancing ability to make her performance on stage outstanding.

She is very proud and happy of her little accomplishments and the places and people she has meet so far. She believes she would surely go far if she continues putting a lot of work in what she knows how to do best, playing the saxophone.

In life she would like to work harder and help others who are interested in playing the instrument if she has the chance to do something differently.
In the next 5 years, she hopes to be a professional saxophonist.

She also squealed that she is still young and it’s likely she develops interest in any other career but right now, she is basically focusing more on her education and music.

According to Princess, for those that look up to her despite her young age, she advised that they should believe in their dreams, talk to their parents about anything they feel or want to do, and also they should be very serious with whatever they find themselves doing.

Princess Abodunrin is positioned to do something different from what young Saxophonists are doing in the industry and ready to go all the way to achieve her dreams as one of the music stars that would make a great change in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond.



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