Should I wear pant to sleep? No, let it breathe!

By Beprobe

There have been so many debates on whether or not it is proper to sleep with panties on, as many still see such practice as strange.

No, it is not perverse at all. On the contrary, sleeping almost completely nude has a lot of benefits for your private part.

According to a Gynaecologist, sleeping without has some advantages and this include the fact that it allows your vagina to breathe.

It is mostly during the night that the the pH level needed to be maintained and keeping vaginal infections at bay, which necessitate the need to allow air free access to your private part.

Vaginal yeast infections are caused by a fungus, known to thrives in moist and warm places. By sleeping without pant, you can keep your lady parts well ventilated and dry and prevent the fungus from breeding and causing any form of irritation.

Sleeping nude or in loose clothing helps the skin to heal, especially with your vaginal skin barely getting the opportunity to be free from constant heat and humidity. By observing this simple rule, it ensures that there is no fabric pressing against your vagina that can hinder this process, which lowers risk of developing vaginal skin conditions.

Nightgowns and sexy pants as you can find here are meant to set the mood for you and your partner after which the panties should be discarded to allow the vagina to breathe.

And the bonus of sleeping completely naked, especially when you have the room to yourself, during hot nights is because most of us struggle with falling asleep. This is due to high temperatures and humidity levels. By going to bed in your nightgown or pyjamas, you tend to feel warmer than it is. Sleeping naked will help in maintaining the ideal body temperature to fall asleep. This will help you in having a deep and sound sleep without having to worry about drastically reducing the temperature of your air conditioner.

It also gets your partner in the mood by lying in bed naked.



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