Orphan pushed to get plastic surgery by mother for reality TV died on the operating table (Photos)

A girl who underwent plastic surgery on a TV show has died on the operating table.

Raised in an orphan, she had been abandoned by her parents when she was born.

The 17-year-old was forced by her mother to go under the knife if she ever wanted to move back home.

Katya Badaeva was desperate to join a family unit and agreed to the condition.

Under the watchful eyes of the Russian TV show Pust Govoriate (Let Them Talk) mum Nadzhda defended her actions.

She said that, the help of surgeon Andrey Ishchenko, her daughter would finally be accepted in her remote village.

Rushing from Azovsk, Kaya headed to the operating table in Moscow.

Nadzhda abandoned her daughter thinking she would die within a month and went on to have three boys.

The mum-of-four has said that it was ‘God’ who took her daughter’s life and not the doctors.

She told the public: ‘I can’t bring my child back. She underwent so many tests before the surgeries, God probably gave her only that much time.’

However, a further autopsy has been ordered and police will investigate the circumstances of the girl’s death.

Irina Makarova, a clinic spokeswoman, said: ‘After the surgery was finished Katya suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia and her heart stopped beating.



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