Nigerian man records police brutality in Sango Ota (Photos, Videos)

A day that could have gone well because a sick father sent his boy on errand to purchase medicine was allegedly turned into drama by the men of the Nigerian police force.

As related by one Femi Dapson, with Twitter handle @Femi_Dapson, narrated what he suffered in the hands of the police with photos and videos to back up his claims.

Kindly read him unedited and deduce your conclusions.

“On Saturday at just few minutes pass noon, I was on my way to Otta to see my dad who was just recently discharged from the hospital and that was when police caught me and my friend who we were together at Oju Ore Bus Stop, Otta.

“We were about boarding bike to my house when a man not dressed in uniforme pulled up and dragged us by the belt. I was furious and I was like what’s going on here? Immediately another officer dressed in @PoliceNG uniform came with a gun, cocked it and forced us to enter bus.

“When we entered, other member of @PoliceNG was in the Danfo. I asked if I was under arrest and they said yes, I asked for what? And immediately one of them rained slaps and punches all over my face. I guarded it with my hand but he kept on punching my head.

“They took my phone from me and my friend, forced us to sit down in the Danfo and then took us round the whole of otta while picking up other innocent young men that dressed nicely. By the way this was how we dressed.

“After taking us round otta for like 4 hours they finally took us to their station located at Sango otta. On getting there we were forced to take off our shirts, they checked for tattoos which they didn’t find.

“They forced me into writing a false statement stating that I was a yahoo boy, at first I hesitated but after receiving hot slaps I cooperated with them and wrote the statement as they were dictating, but I gave wrong information about my age, where I live, my email, etc.

“After the statement, they asked me to pay 200k.. I told them I couldn’t pay as I don’t have funds but that I can give them 20k. I then immediately called a friend to transfer 10k to me plus the 10k for my dad’s drug that was with me.. so I gave them all 20k.

“Attached here is me giving members of @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_PCRRU 20k in cash so they can allow me go and see my sick dad at home. They are plenty but I could only capture few of them.. this brutality must stop @segalink @citizen_gavel.

“In reference to the above thread, I demand that @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_PCRRU take necessary actions. I demand a written apology from @PoliceNG and refund of my 20k which was taken from me with force.

“Failure to do this and I will charge @PoliceNG to court for libel, character defamation, fraud, misuse of power and unlawful conviction. Names of the officers involved are, fagbemi Joseph, Francis idoko, Friday, ajayi, princess and every other person on their team.



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