Mikel Obi’s Russian girlfriend, Olga, responds to Instagram user who criticized her cooking

Few days ago, Mikel Obi’s Russian girlfriend, Olga shared a photo of
Mikel and one of their twin girls having a plate of spaghetti and

However, a Nigerian lady decided to ‘advise’ her, saying
Mikel deserves better.

“Spaghetti is not an African Man favourite @mikel_john_obi
deserves better…. Learn how to prepare Fufu or pounded yam with bitter
leaf soup or Oha soup,”
iamjennykedo on Instagram said.

like Olga has had enough of such comments. She finally responded to her
‘critics’, advising ladies not to be become desperate housewives to
please anyone and that there are other ways to a man’s heart than his

“Long story short. There are other ways to a man’s heart than his stomach ?I am a legendary cook for your information,” she wrote.



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