MetroMan: Your son is not yours

A friend complained to me that his heart was always doing somehow whenever he headed home after work everyday.

So I asked why.

“You should be happy to always your family after everyday work na,” I said nonchalantly as I was not interested in anything that would task my brain this morning.

He responded, “The reason is every I arrive home, my wife is always saying ” Junior daddy is here, Junior come and meet your daddy!””

This time he had my attention because I sat up properly to listen to him.

“”Look it’s daddy, here is daddy, daddy” she would shout,” he continued.

“It was nothing to me before, but now that you use to talk to me about marriages, I’m beginning to feel some is not right with my wife,” he said.

“Are you saying I’m a bad influence?” I queried.

“Ah, no o. But what do you see in that?” he asked.

I looked him in the face and answered, “Well, my brother, that boy is not your son.”

“What?! Why did you say so,” he asked almost crying.

I asked him why must he always be introduced to his son everyday!



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