Man arrested for killing wife’s chickens in fit of jealousy

A 38-year-old man is being held by police in Xai-Xai city, Gaza province, accused of beheading 100 chickens in a poultry coop belonging to his estranged wife.

The Provincial Police Command of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in Gaza did not reveal the identity of either the 31-year-old defendant or his wife, but said that they were both teachers.

 The crime occurred in Xai-Xai’s Inhamissa neighbourhood last Thursday (19 January).

Local police force allege that “the husband decided, as a means of showing his distress, to go to the residence of his partner, where, by climbing the wall, he got inside the poultry coop and beheaded about 100 chickens”, causing the young woman a financial loss of about 15,000 meticais.

The police say that they have already prepared a docket and sent it to the public prosecutor.

Also in Gaza, police detained a 40-year-old man for attempting to bribe an officer of the Traffic Police when he was stopped for a spot check. Officials say the accused was driving the passenger car without being entitled to do so.

The amount involved in the incident, which took place on 18 January at a checkpoint outside Chókwè, was not revealed.



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