Magaluf prostitutes clash with British expats after mugging allegations

Violence in Magaluf continues as protesters and prostitutes clash, with women now claiming they are victims and throwing STONES at residents and tourists.

About 20 prostitutes got together to tell the police and council that they are becoming the victims of hate crime.

The women claim they are being harassed every night with insults and physical aggression.

They say they have been attacked with pepper spray and beaten up, with several of them having to go to a medical centre for treatment.

They say they have recorded the incidents on video and can therefore identify the people involved.

About 100 workers and residents gathered for a demonstration against the prostitutes last night and chanted “go home” and “yes you can”.

They accuse the women of robbing holidaymakers and “luring” them into sex.

Spanish taxi drivers have joined the protests, shouting at the women in Spanish: “The tourists are not coming because of you” and: “What happens if you go back to your own countries and rob people. They slit your throats, right?”

The protesters say it is tourists who are being beaten up by the prostitutes and their pimps and not the other way round.

It is claimed that it was the prostitutes themselves who resorted to violence, throwing stones and sticks.

The women claim that their locations are being publicised and people are deliberately looking to shout insults at them.

The women say they haven’t been able to get official residence papers and as some have children, the only work they can do is prostitution.

Their lives, they allege, are being made a misery.

The number of Nigerian prostitutes in the resort is put at between 40 and 100.

The Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has warned that citizen security is at risk due to the ongoing controversy.

He urged the Spanish government to help the party resort tackle the problems posed by African street prostitutes in a letter made public on Wednesday.

British workers in the resort have vowed to hold public demonstrations every night over the summer to “prevent the women from making a living preying on the people of Magaluf,” insisting: “If the police will not do anything about it then we will.”

Doctors say a group of British business people in Magaluf have set up an online group called “March against Muggers”.

The women have sought help from the organisation “Metges del Món” which advised them to go the Civil Guard.

The Mayor says efforts must be redoubled as part of the authority’s bid to change the image of Magaluf.

Prostitution is legal in Spain but it is against the law to tout for business in public or use pimps.



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