Lagos APC Reconciliation Faces Brick-walls?

By ‘Dele Ogundele

  1. Aftermath of the APC rancorous primaries in Lagos State, the party appears to be facing a litmus test arising out of the current reconciliation efforts to rein-in , all it aggrieved members across the state; Heloo-Lagos can tell you on god authority.

  2. The hint to this effect came-to-the-fore on Wednesday, Dec 12th, 2018, at the Agidingbi-Town-Hall, venue of one of the party’s Ward-to-Ward reconciliation initiative.

  3. The Three-Man Reconciliation Committee led by Elder Solomon Alade, JP, in company with Chief Famakinwa, and Elder Maradesa, and Barrister Kayode Ajala who announced himself as an observer of the proceeding, witnessed the under-belly expose of the party.

  4. The pin-drop silence that pervaded the Agidingbi-Town-Hall, venue of the ”Ward E”, reconciliation meeting which was filled to the brim , were tentatively ominous; as the peace team almost took the composure of the party men and women for granted.

  5. However, while the gathering of the party die-hard patiently listened to the leader of the reconciliation team, and various other speakers , one after the other at the high-table , the first signal that all was not well began when one of the ”defeated” contestants from the ward , Hon. Balloo took the floor and began to cajole the audience to forget all that transpired while the primaries lasted, and considered it as the ”verdict of the party”; hell was let loose as the hall erupted in a volcano-like that almost tore through the roofs of the venue!

As the situation calmed, one of the youths took the floor and asked the elders ”why Hon. Faleke, Alhaja Kokumo, Ajakaye, the party chairman, were not at the reconciliation stating that no genuine reconciliation could take place without the aforementioned party leaders.

Another party member took the floor and remarked ”Hon. Ajala I am happy that you are here; please I want you to answer the following questions: what happened to the money given to the three wards by Babajide Sanwa-Olu? What happen to the one given by YAYI? What happened to the one given by Hon. Faleke; Eti gbee-mi; Abi?”

Without waiting for an answer he reminded Hon. Ajala about what Faleke said at a meeting they all attended, where Faleke said flippantly that he was done with Ojodu people!

”But after ferrying Ojodu people’s money to Kogi, wherein he built 150 Shops and stalls for his people , and empower each of them with N250,000 to as start-up; did any of us benefited from that?”

”Now he has ran back to Ojodu again to pack our money?”

At this juncture, the leader of the peace team quickly rose, and announced to the party members that they will convey the grievances of the people to the party that sent them undiluted and wisely wounded the meeting; announcing that there’ll be an enlarged gathering of all the three wards on Saturday 15th Dec, 2018; as the rancorous party faithful stormed out of the venue of the peace meeting without any peace being achieved.

With the cloudy atmosphere witnessed at the venue of the meeting; it appears the reconciliation effort would take some time to be achieved.

‘Dele Ogundele writes via informediatech@yahoo,com



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