Guy Accidentally Sends A Text Meant For His Wife To A Co-Worker And It’s Pure Venom

Texting the wrong person is one of life’s most embarrassing mistakes.
Not only is it an error that no self respecting millennial should ever
make, but it could also lead to dire consequences. You could lose your
partner, your job, your parent’s love, or end up talking to your ex for
more than five minutes. I’m not kidding: it really is that serious.

following story is a cautionary tale that will ensure you’ll always
double, triple, and quadruple check the name of your text’s recipients
from now on. If you don’t, you could end up messaging the wrong person
and inadvertently end up a Twitter celebrity in the worst way possible.Take
this guy for example. Instead of texting his wife as he’d intended, he
accidentally ended up messaged his employee, who was caught in the
middle of the firing-line. By the way; this isn’t a story of a guy
accidentally revealing quite how cute his interactions with his wife
are. This is a grisly tale of broken hearts and angry husbands.

all started when the hapless manager texted his employee the following
message: “You make me so f*cking angry, more than anyone I’ve ever met.
You’re single handedly ruining my life.” Ouch. Pretty nasty. But things
were about to get more complicated.

he discovered the message was meant for the sender’s wife, Hamza
Hendrix, the guy who received the text, was understandably concerned
that his manager had some serious hate for him.

his manager quickly cleared things up, and it was suddenly clear to
Hamza that he’d suddenly walked into the middle of a massive domestic.

what did good old Hamza do with this information? He put it on Twitter,
of course. The tweet has since received hundreds of thousands of
retweets and favourites, some of which were from people who’d clearly
been in very similar situations.A true testament to what
can happen when you send a text to the wrong person. It’s a scary world
out there, kids, so be careful who you’re sending that incredibly bitchy
text message to. You never know when it might end up in the wrong



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