Grace For Global Impact By Prophet I. O. Samuel (JP)

Excerpts from some of the messages preached at Prophet I.O Samuel recent global crusade:


Every man created by God, is a solution to a particular challenge in a given area of life.

Pay the price to discover where you belong!

Study, work hard, stay focused and associate with positive minded people.

Drop time wasters; your time is the most valuable and limited resources in life. You can spend or invest your time. Smart people invest their time; foolish people “spend” theirs.

Move with the wise and you will be wise; if all your friends are wise and wealthy, you are the next in line for success; and vice versa.

No meaningful inventions or solutions can be found drinking at beer parlors, smoking and clubbing.

Many people work overnight in china to improve the economy, while some sleep all night; laziness makes poverty your heritage, fight against it! You are designed by God to influence your world, empty yourself with your God given ideas and bless the world by your gifts.

Make sure you bless your generation and empty yourself with your God given ideas before you leave this world.

In the world of prophetic and supernatural; I’m doing Exploits. In the world of mining and oil and gas, am solving problems for nations; I search for inventions that can change our society for good.

Prayers without work, is a waste of time. Prayers don’t make people wealthy.

It is Wisdom, charity and works of your hands that bring food on the table prophet I.O Samuel

The world, Africa and Nigerian Youths at large; wake up and save this generation!

You are no more leaders of Tomorrow, start becoming leaders today. Try God! and stop Thugery, touting etc. Government MAY fail us, but our potentials will never fail us.




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