EXCLUSIVE: Sowore Speaks From Detention: They’ve Done Everything To Break Us But We’re Unbreakable

Nigeria’s persecuted pro-democracy activist, Omoyele Sowore, from detention has sent a word of encouragement and support to thousands of his supporters and sympathizers, assuring them that he and his co-prisoner of conscience, Olawale Bakare, have remained undaunted despite malicious efforts of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s secret police to break them.

In a message relayed to fellow believers in good governance and the call for a non-violent revolution, Sowore said, “We urge comrades to remain focused and resolute as we have heard that the state would try all they can to infiltrate and break the unity of comrades.”

Although he has spent over 100 days in the detention facility of the Department of State Services, Sowore said nothing could drive a wedge between him and his conviction for a better Nigeria.

“Revolutionary greetings from the dungeons of the Gestapo Department of State Services where we have remained in solidarity confinement in the past 100 days,” said Sowore.

“We want to use this moment to salute your courage and doggedness, we are making a new chapter in Nigeria as such we must not relent or waiver.

“We have learnt of the renewed act of defiance against our tormentors, particularly in the last 48 hours. These acts are great pointers to the value placed on the struggle for social justice in a revolutionary manner.

“We are pleased to hear these and hope the revolutionary wing will not allow any forces of reaction or retrogression to slow this down, no matter what.”SEE ALSO

SaharaReporters exclusively reported that the DSS were making frantic efforts to ensure Sowore would not be freed and that there were attempts to infiltrate the ranks of the #RevolutionNow movement.

Sowore, who spoke from the DSS detention facility on Friday (today), added, “We urge comrades to remain focused and resolute as we have heard that the state would try all they can to infiltrate and break the unity of comrades.

“As we have always told ourselves Nigeria is in a short supply of good, agile, fearless and conscientious activists. Time is here to build new cadres and strengthen existing ones.

“There is no going back.

“We must keep breathing life into the revolution, do not relent.”

Concluding his message, the pro-democracy activist, who is calling for a non-violent revolution to bring about good governance in Nigeria, said, “Remember that t
“They have done everything to break us but we are undaunted and unbreakable. Remain focused, grounded and unshakable.”

Sowore has been in what many have come to regard as illegal detention since August 3 as the DSS acting under the direction of President Buhari refused to set him free, repeatedly flouting court judgments ordering his release.

Buhari and his deputy, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who swore to defend the rights of Nigerians have kept mum over continued flagrant violation of Sowore’s detention.

Many public commentators said the case was that of “hand of Esau, voice of Jacob”.

They warned of darker days in the country reminiscent of Buhari’s 1984 dictatorship.

Buhari, had in his infamous inaugural speech in 2015 told Nigerians, “I belong to nobody; I belong to everybody.”

His critics say the president is acting just as he had suggested in the speech. He will not tolerate insults from anybody -one of the charges the DSS levelled against Sowore.

“Here’s the worst news,” the source continued, “they don’t want, if possible, for Mr. Sowore to walk out of detention alive.”

Another source who has intimate knowledge of the operations of the DSS and has his ears in the agency explained, “I can tell you authoritatively that they’re currently doing everything possible to make life ‘comfortable’ for Mr. Sowore in detention.

“He has been provided with a TV to watch. In fact, they have given Mr. Sowore a telephone loaded with call credit to talk to his people.”

Those were booby traps, the source told SaharaReporters.

“You must get the message to your boss that he shouldn’t fall for the trap,” he explained.

“Their seeming kindness to make him feel comfortable in detention is a small episode of a larger clandestine drama about to play out. Buhari doesn’t care about the local and international outcry. His goons at the DSS aren’t bothered too.

“Pray for Mr. Sowore’s safe return,” the source said with concern. “They don’t want him to come in one piece -alive.

However, the DSS is reportedly jittery and under intense pressure to release Sowore.

“What is happening outside is putting them under pressure to release him.

“I am aware that Sowore and Bakare were threatened that they would not walk out of here alive but suddenly things changed yesterday.

“A meeting was arranged in the DG’s office but Sowore declined, saying he has nothing to negotiate because he has been granted bail and cannot renegotiate his bail in custody as a hostage.

“There was also a meeting arranged by the PRO of DSS with select media outfits on Wednesday but again Sowore declined to come out,” an authoritative source told SaharaReporters on Thursday.



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