Domestic Violence: Do You Remember This Lady? The Husband Has Responded!

A Facebook user told a story of how a woman tried to spin lies against her husband after he tried to stop her brutal assault on the maid.

According to the narrator, Aishatu John, the unnamed woman wanted her to share the story of how her husband assaulted her.

However, on second thought, her team consulted with the woman’s husband who told his own side of the story.

Read below:

“this lady came to my friend with pictures of battered face and some marks on her hands saying her husband abused her because she caught him sleeping with the maid.

She cries a lot says her husband has promised to kill her and bury the case because he is rich. My friend shares with me and wants to immediately publish, wifey supplied the man’s full name and his office address.

I tell friend to calm down and find out from husband if any of these allegations are true.
At first friend is angry with me, she says how can I be asking for another side of the story in an abuse case, abuse is abuse and there should be no other side.

I give her instances and send her some online links she soft pedals.

So she reaches out to husband and asks for his side.

Husband is skeptical at first but realising in a few minutes his whole life would be online he responds.

He says he has never hit his wife in over 5 years of marriage till a recent incident.

His wife he claims is the bully, she bullies him with words and regularly hits maids, at a point he had banned maids from being engaged but his wife gave him grief and he had to let her have her way.

The recent maid he would see marks on her hands and legs and an occasional black eye but he had never witnessed the abuse himself. Neighbors would call him and speak with him but his wife would ask if he has seen her touch the maid before?

So this day he had a case of food poisoning was very weak came home from the staff clinic without his car to rest.

He is sleeping when he hears Shouts and cries. He wakes up goes to the sitting room and finds his wife hitting the maid with a long turning spoon.

He goes drags his wife off the maid and his wife starts accusing him of sleeping with the 14 year old maid and taking her side.
He is more concerned with attending to the maid and taking her to the hospital when his wife grabs something and hits him with it.

He turns slaps her and pushes her down, she gets up and attacks again he holds her hands with all his strength so she won’t attack she starts screaming for neighbors to come and when they come he let’s go of her hands then she takes the turning spoon and smashes the TV.

He doesn’t even care he at that point just needs to get the bleeding maid to the hospital. He takes the maid to the hospital with neighbors help and has medical reports and pictures.

From the hospital he calls Maids relatives to come and take her home.

He goes and checks himself into a hotel and has since then left the house and is certain he is not going back. He has engaged a lawyer to start divorce proceedings.

Wife assumes he is somewhere with the maid.

He shows several text messages of her accusing him of that.

At this point my friend is weak, she cannot believe the crying woman is capable of such evil but the evidence is in her face.

I advise her to hands off and let their lawyers handle the case and also advise the husband to be prepared to defend himself on social media because madam wifey will keep looking for who to share her story and she will find someone definitely.

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See screenshots below:



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