Desist from cheap blackmail, group warned

It has been brought to our notice that the Concerned People of Niger Deltans for Sustainable Development (CNDSD) has wrongfully use the media to tarnish the image and reputation of the amnesty boss , prof. Charles Quarkers Dokubo over the looting of thirteen (13) billion naira worth of supplied items at Boring Town Vocational Training Center of Bayelsa State by some hoodlums.
This is a clear case of desperatism cooked up by this so called group aimed to desecrate the image and well being of the Amnesty Boss to their own selfish gain.

Again, it is shameful,very misleading and a falsehood from the pit of hell purportedly use to put the Coordinator in false light .We therefore called on all well meaning Nigerians to disregard in totality the damage done by group to the Amnesty Chief.

According to the Special Adviser to the President on Amnesty Programe ,the Sixty billion naira Complex of the Boring Town Vocational Training Center was built to ensure youths engage themselves meaningfully well in order to benefit in one training or the other for sustainable development to strive in the society.

Furthermore, he said the Centre is fully equiped with modern state of the art facilities and items bought to fast track the program to a logical end.
The Head of Center mr. Jude Gbaboyor can attest to the fact that the Amnesty Boss gave him all the necessary support including security to his custody to ensure the Center is well secured.
Also due to the ever busy schedule of the Amnesty chief office, he directed mrs Esther Boro ,daughter of the late ijaw lengendary hero Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro to commission the Center on his behalf.

However, it is highly regrettable that a man of reputable characters,an illustrious son of the Deltans is busy trying to develop and maintain sustainable peace and the likes like me. Kingsley John and his cohorts(CNDSD) are busy in another end trying to ridicule and create a cheap blackmail in order to cause disunity and unrest in the region.
We strongly condemned in totality this despicable act of media rascality and protest use by this group aimed at creating unnecessary tension with a view to short change the good work and vision as envisage by the Coordinator to the people of the region.

We equally advise the group to desist from such cheap blackmail that will lead them to where, adding that for them to gain relevance in the scheme of things in programs is to channel all their grievances to the appropriate quarters for amicable round table discussion and resolution to strive.




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