Delta Vs United: Twitter Lets You Go To War Without Weapon (You Would Love It)

Recently, United Airlines came under significant fire as they blocked
three girls from boarding a flight from Denver to Minneapolis because
they were wearing leggings. The airline cited was a company rule where
they state they can stop anybody from boarding who is either “barefoot
or not properly clothed”. But Shannon Watts, who’s the founder of the
gun control group Moms Demand Action, watched the entire exchange and
was having none of it.

Shannon’s tweets, United Airlines tried to explain their viewpoint,
even saying that the girls were boarding as a relative or a dependent of
a United Airlines employee and were subject to a stricter dress code as
a result. This could not however, prevent a wave of outrage from
Twitter users. As if that wasn’t bad enough, their competitors in the
air travel industry, Delta Airlines, couldn’t resist kicking United
Airlines while they were down.In the wake of
the United Airlines leggings debacle, you might be wondering what
defines “inappropriate clothing” on a flight. The official Twitter
account of fellow airline Delta Airlines sent out a tweet letting their
customers know that as long as you’re on one of their flights, wearing
leggings is A-OK.

This cheeky tweet is made even cheekier by that wink face, which leaves
you in no doubt as to which incident Delta Airlines is referring to.
It’s fair to say that the subtly savage tweet went down well on Twitter,
where it’s already been retweeted over 25,000 times.

brutal. Delta Airlines has a similar pass available for passengers who
are dependents of a Delta employee, and while it doesn’t outright ban
leggings, they do “encourage” their passengers to dress appropriately.

leggings controversy at United Airlines has taken the internet by
storm, and it asks the question: are leggings appropriate in the general
public? Back in late 2015, an Oklahoma teen was sent home from school
for wearing leggings, a decision met with just as much derision as
United Airlines’ decision last Sunday. It looks like this debate is set
to rumble on.



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