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Drove out this morning, as I usually do once in two weeks since the Coronavirus Stay Home directive was given, obviously, to restore my groceries and get some stuff as…

Inspirational Patience

There is Always That One Person

There is always that one person who will always have your heart. If you are thinking the statement sounds like something from a cheesy love song, you would be right….

Inspirational Patience

The Unique Perks Of Dating an Older Woman

I knew I was studying the right course in the university when our lecturer at the time, Dr. Ekeanyanwu Nnamdi(probably the best teacher I’ll ever have) mentioned that a journalist…

Inspirational Patience

Help! My sister-in-law has started a hot passionate love affair with me and my DAD

I had sex with my brother’s wife when she was feeling low and confided in me. We started an affair – and now I’ve learned my dad has been seeing…

Inspirational Patience

‘Abortion Is Never An Option’

It all started when I was in 200level, my ex girlfriend at the time came back to tell me I was responsible for her pregnancy after 3months of separation. As…

Inspirational Patience

‘I had countless reasons to give up, but I didn’t’

I am the first of five kids, three girls, two boys. Growing up wasn’t rosy in anyway, but l have survived it all. I was born and brought up in…

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