Atiku’s Endorsements: Much Ado About Nothing – Tunde Ajose

If wishes are horses, beggars would ride is one proverb that kept re-vibrating through my mind when I reflect at the level of desperation being employed by our politicians at clinching political posts. It only reinforces the belief that most aren’t necessarily interest in serving the masses but rather to rob them.

Or how else can one explain the desperation of Atiku at ensuring every Tom, Dick and Harry are seen endorsing him? Must you become a president to impact the lives of your fellow citizens?

Not considering the unnecessary controversies surrounding his many endorsements, Atiku once had a chance to make his impact when he was a vice president for 8 good years under fmr president, Olusegun Obasanjo, but the records are there for all to see that OBJ, as the latter is popularly called, never approved nor trusted him enough for any leadership position.

Just last year, the former president gave an interview where he told the whole world that God would not forgive him should he support Atiku for anything.

Should we now lose sleep over his recent endorsement of the same Atiku? The answer is no!

There is practically no section of the Nigerian society that has not endorsed Atiku for 2019 election. From prostitutes, to some socio-cultural groups. One of such many endorsements that reeked of desperation is his fancy to spirituality, which his former boss succinctly captured in his book, My Watch, when he mentioned that all Atiku’s plan immediately they commenced the administration together back then “…were towards the actualisation of his marabout’s prediction.”

Then it was no surprise when Atiku was seen in a video that went viral during the week of being seen with one popular female prophet.

So Obasanjo’s endorsement, like many others, is not worth being disturbed about for a government that is focused in ensuring that the dividend of democracy is enjoyed throughout the country, a type we have never witness in the history of this country.

The Buhari’s administration should disregard as a fuss and remain focused ensuring that the country and Nigerians are well prepared for the next level of betterment come February 16.

Tunde Ajose is a social commentator who lives in Lagos  



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