At least three dead as gunman opens fire at US primary school

POLICE say at least three people have died after a gunman opened fire across five locations including a primary school in California.

The suspected gunman, said to be in his 50s, was shot dead by police and at least two victims are believed to have been killed.

Detectives believe the shooting began at a domestic home before the shooter stole a truck and moved on to nearby Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

The shooting broke out at around 8am local time (3pm UK time). Officers remain at both scenes and three others in Rancho Tehama, northern California.

Parents have described seeing screaming children running from the school as they dropped off their kids this morning as what sounded like ‘firecrackers’ could be heard inside.

A number of students were taken to hospital but no schoolkids are among the dead according to the Corning Union Elementary School District.

Victims are believed to have been injured across five different locations during the shooting spree

It is not yet known which locations the fatalities were shot.

Parent Coy Ferreira told KRCRTV he saw one young boy who had been shot in the foot and the chest.

He said: “A school employee ran out and yelled for the children to get inside the classrooms because someone was shooting at the school.

“That’s when he ran into a classroom and multiple shots came through the classroom windows, hitting one student.”

Police say there is no gunman outstanding and that the school has been evacuated and the children taken to a ‘safe location’.



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