5 Months Pregnant Woman Slained By Boyfriend!

Police have identified a 29-year-old pregnant mother of three who was killed in a stabbing in Brentwood on Saturday.

D’Anna Thorn was stabbed several times around 6 p.m. Saturday at a home on West 21st Street near Silver Street, police said. Thorn and her unborn child died at UF Health Jacksonville.
Thorn’s boyfriend, Armanuel Nathaniel Cummings, is charged with her killing.
The home where Thorn was stabbed is owned by Cummings, police said. The victim lived in the home with Cummings for a few months, according to neighbors.
Witnesses told police that Cummings kicked Thorn out of his house after an argument. Thorn was attempting to climb back into the home through a window when Cummings stabbed her repeatedly, police said.  Thorn died a short time later.
One neighbor says she has heard the two arguing, but never anything that would lead her to think things would turn violent. That neighbor says she heard arguing, then a door slam shut, then more yelling from inside the home.
“Yeah, that’s like any boyfriend/girlfriend arguments, but I hadn’t seen the physical. What happened today was uncanny. I can’t even put it in my head to even picture what happened,” the neighbor said. “I wouldn’t think it from him, the man, (because) he’s a friendly neighbor and I didn’t think it would be her, anyone woman, somebody that I knew that I was just getting close to. That’s what really hit home.”
Homicide Sgt. David Smith said he was not aware of any previous domestic issues between the couple.
According to the arrest report, when police arrived at the home, Cummings was standing in the front yard talking on the phone. When police asked another witness who stabbed Thorn, Cumming overheard the question and, according to police “spontaneously uttered ‘I did.'”
Cummings made his first court appearance on Sunday. He is being held without bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 16.


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