You’re Weak, APC Governors Blast Buhari

Governors elected under the platform of Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress have blame ethnic agitations across the country on weak governance of the Buhari-led administration. 
In a statement signed by the forum’s Director General, Salihu Lukman yesterday in Abuja, the governors charged Nigerians to stand against irredentist movements via structured processes reassuring Nigerians that the country must thrive.

The statement reads: “Acknowledging the rich diverse heritage of Nigeria as a country, the PGF particularly note that the resurgence of desperate youth groups promoting ethno-regional identities and extremist positions from the different geo-political zones across the nation as currently experienced is a reflection of prevalent weak governance, poor economy and law enforcement system in Nigeria.

“PGF, therefore, called for the rise of all decent voices across this country to speak up against the upsurge of some desperate irredentist movements across all ethnic groups and support the emergence of a stronger and virile unified Nigeria for us all. The Forum insisted that, regardless of the nation’s diverse identities and differences, Nigeria has to thrive.  

“While acknowledging that as a nation, we do have challenges, PGF believe that the resolution of those challenges rest with the development of our democracy and with it, the ascendency of structured processes of national consultations, negotiations and invariably agreements.

“Some of the challenges are highlighted in the accompanying PGF position – ‘There has to be a nation first.’ As governors elected under APC, we will work with our party leaders, the Federal Government and all Nigerians who are committed to democratic development in all parts of the country to ensure unencumbered protection of lives of all citizens in every part of the territorial boundary of our nation,” the forum noted.

“We must create, by all means necessary, a country that we can collectively call our home, irrespective of tongues and localities.

“This is a vision the APC as a party, is committed to and for which the PGF is unapologetically and intrinsically loyal to. These threats to national unity must cease totally and be put away into history,” the Forum declared.



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