Young mum hits back after STRANGER tells her to ‘put her f***ing t*ts away’ when she posted breastfeeding photos online (Photos)

A YOUNG mum has furiously hit back at a stranger who ordered her to “put her f**ing tts away” after she posted photos of herself breastfeeding online.

Aimee Wood, 20, from Hyde in Tameside, is mum to seven-month-old daughter Nova and she regularly posts pictures of herself nursing on Facebook and Instagram.

She was furious when a man she didn’t know messaged her on Facebook condemning the pictures, and making lewd remarks about her breasts.

It read: “Put your f**ing tts away. I’ve seen them every day.

“I have nothing against breastfeeding infact [sic] I like a suck of a t*t myself but f***ing hell no need for it.

“Disturbing for ur poor child when she grows up plastered all over social media sucking on your saggy nip!!!”

Refusing to let the disgusting remark effect her, Aimee responded by sending a photo of herself feeding nova – with her finger firmly sticking up.

She’s also written online: “I’d just like to point out to each and every person that my posts seem to bother, that there is a block button for a reason.

“I will post 500 breastfeeding pictures a day if that’s what I wish to do. This is my profile, my daughter and MY memories.

“I can share what I want and when I want, and if you don’t want to be a part of that then so be it, you will not be missed.”

One Instagram user even asked Aimee, who is engaged to Nova’s dad Jayk Carr, if she posted the pictures to get ATTENTION.

She hit back by questioning whether the unnamed man’s decision to post topless photos of himself online meant he wanted attention.

Aimee added: “Not that I need to explain, but it’s for the memories. And also because my daughter has severe reflux she constantly feeds.

“She never goes more than half an hour without feeding unless she’s asleep. I’d have very few photos of her if I didn’t capture breastfeeding pictures. I’m proud of our breastfeeding journey and of my daughter. I post them for me.
“I have a separate Instagram account with only mums following me, where I post most of my breastfeeding pictures.”

The young mum now hopes to become a peer supporter to train others on how to feed their babies.

She added: “I think some people were bothered by the amount of photos, but it’s just a baby eating. It’s not something I feel you should have to hide.”

Earlier this year a 30-year-old mum slammed a viral post which criticised her for breastfeeding in a bar.

Meanwhile mum-of-two Claire Milligan has created a fashion label for those who need to nurse in public.



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