Woman left hanging on electricity pylons wearing only her underwear after falling while washing windows

Bizzare footage has emerged showing a woman hanging by her foot from an electricity pylon after falling from a fourth floor window.

The lady, who is pictured wearing only her underwear, miraculously survived after falling while washing windows in Benxi, north east China.

Her horrified husband was at home with her at the time but he was unable to catch her before she fell.

The unnamed woman was caught in the cables which run between buildings in the street between the second and third floor levels.

She fainted from the shock of the incident and was left hanging prone from the cables with shocked onlookers fearing the worst.

But firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and safely removed her from the power lines and brought her back down to the ground.

The young woman, whose condition has been described as stable, was rushed by ambulance to hospital.

In June, an astonishing video showed a Chinese woman being stripped and beaten up in the street for “sleeping with other women’s husbands”.

In the footage a woman without a top on is seen sitting in the street while a group stands over her.

Shouting can be heard and a crowd gathers in the street as the already heated exchange gets more and more violent.

After the woman on the floor tries to pull her top back on one of the others rips it away from her and flings it away.

Another then grabs her by her hair while she is slapped in the face.

The mob then go on to smack her around the head as they talk to the alleged mistress.

All the while the victim of the attack hides her face in her hands sobbing while she is subjected to a barrage of verbal and physical abuse.



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