Who’s Akpabio, is he God?

By Justin Ekeruke

There is every reason for one to believe in God’sWill. In an attempt to really understand the politics and sentiments of Akwa Ibom people in recent times, it is worthy to ponder on some assertions frequently submitted on the social media by the supporters of PDP in Akwa Ibom state mostly with the intention if demystifying what is termed ‘the mystification of Akpabioism.’ These assertions which have littered the faces of social media include ‘NO MAN CAN PLAY GOD. #ONLY GOD.. TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED’ and many others. It leaves one to wonder if there is any man, apart from the atheists, that do not believe in the omnipotence of the Almighty God with awe and total submissiveness. This is simply because God is not man, though man is God’s confirmation of man’s holistic dependence on the will of God for any progress. Sounding philosophical, God is God as we know through man. It is the duty of God to make man, and the duty of man to make God known-man is in partnership with God, a shared creator, a demi-god. May be we just know that now, or politics have shaded our simple theology. Taking the unnecessary cross of burden whether someone can play a God, has course some splashes of ink by some disgruntled social media practitioners on the personality of Senator Godswill Akpabio. This overflowing ink is fiendishly spilled to paint a dark impression on Akpabio, even when the blind can appreciate his virtues in the dark. Sen. Akpabio is conceivably castigated for pride, selfishness, lies, and for betraying his party, so they said. So for all these, he deserves to be publicly disgraced, that is what some wish for a man who only exercised his natural and constitutional Uhuru. Clarity has been given to the fact that assertions like these began during his first term in office as a Governor though it was (they were) seen as mere tribal or sentimental antics amidst the praises and the hand of God that has always been at work. As human and a shrewd politician he nurses and grows the people’s interest more than his, H E Sen. God’swill Akpabio went out of his comfort sacrificially to touch lives and ventured into capital projects that were unbelievable or thought of as impossible in the infrastructural, educational and economical history of Nigeria, and recorded success.

Currently the above has posed the question: Is he A God? This is simply because God is happy with him and if the gods exist, they are jealous of him and the people have no other than to appreciate him with deep jealousy. Let’s ponder on few remembrances as we answer the questions by ourselves, ‘Is Akpabio a god?’ How did he come into power against the plot of his boss, former Governor Victor Attah, in 2007? How did he scale through in 2011 when the mighty G-21 was roaring in the dangerous forests? These, if you have never known, was the proof from the almighty to show that Akpabio is a god as confirmed in Psalm 82:6. Having enjoyed this unmerited favour from God, he, like David, glorifies God always, by saying, ‘Let Godswill is done again.’ Allowing God to have his way, God used him to make possible these following memorabilia commonly termed uncommon: Fist-first Governor’s Lodge; Brand New Digital Governor’s Office; State-of-the-art Banquet Hall; Ultra-modern Deputy Governor’s Lodge; Ibom e-library; Multi-billion Naira Pipe-Jacking Underground Drainage System across Uyo-Nung Udoe; Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Complex (first phase – Cineplex completed); Completion of Ibom Power Plant met at 65% completion; Godswill Akpabio International Stadium; Ibom Multi-Specialty Int’l Hospital; Electrification of more than 1,900 Communities in Akwa Ibom State; 2,200 Housing Units across the State; Brand new international Standard Federal prison / correction Centre; A brand new befitting Federal High Court Complex; Construction of Phase 1 of Ibom International Airport with MRO; Construction of 4 brand new Flyovers in Uyo; Construction of over 400 new Roads measuring more than 1,900 Kilometres; Gas processing plant with 69 kilometres; 12-storey Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Ikot Ekpene; Free and Compulsory Education Program; Free Healthcare for Children, expectant Mothers and the aged; Improved workers’ welfare; Prompt payment of Salary; Payment of N21,000 minimum wage; Payment of 13 Month’s Salary(Akpabiomber); Payment of Pension and gratuity; Payment of impress; Sponsorship of conferences, seminars and training for Civil servants.

The above were recorded for the sake of the people and were committed to enhancing their welfare without mismanagement. In addition, when the scroll of service folded, the then governor, presently a senator stood his grounds through the power of God to ensure a successor, teaching us the essence of supporting someone to the end. Also he demonstrated the potentiality of a god, his true nature, because man from theological stand point is a territory taker. He has a dominion over a kingdom as he represents God and does his Will. Every man has an area of dominion and in such area, he is a God, the almighty uses him and is mindful of him such that the psalmist exclaimed, ‘what is man that thou art mindful of’. If one should fail in exercising one’s dominion and another man does his own well, there is no need to grumble that no man can play God or try to appeal to sentiment from God as if the other is not loved by the same God.’ On a lighter note, don’t even forget that in the name God’swill, there is a ‘God’ with a big ‘G’. So if names like ‘Ndarake, Ukut, Ndom and Usua can possess people, that mean the ‘God’ in God’swill Akpabio has possessed our dear senator. He is just a vessel for the manifestation of ‘uduak Abasi’. He does not take the glory but returns it to the God who uses him as a demi god to propagate his will. To this end, there is no doubt that God’s Will must be done come 2019 and no plot can stop it. It would be more proper to pray in faith for a better Akwa Ibom through whosoever God will use to take us further than to personalize God and make another appear lesser.



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