War on Terror: NERI Exhibits Positive Photos from Borno

Determined to rebrand the
North-Eastern Nigeria in a positive narrative on developments against
the negatives on insurgency, the North-East Regional Initiative (NERI)
has hosted the Bit of Borno Photo Exhibition by acclaimed Photographer,
Fati Abubakar.
at the occasion, the Manager of NERI, Albert Pam disclosed that the
Bits of Borno Photo Exhibition was conceived as a platform to showcase
the beauty, culture, traditions of people living in Borno State.
said that the state which was traumatized for several years has the
tendency to be viewed from the angle of despair and destruction in the
said: “The media have portrayed an image of Borno as a place of death
and destruction. We are happy that a photojournalist is using her
pictures through various platforms to challenge misconceptions about her
hometown. Most of the pictures demonstrate the resilience of the
peoples, especially women and children who are still proud to carry on
their day to day  activities with joy and happiness.
beautiful pictures show the faces of cheerful children and proud
mothers in unusual environment trying to live a normal life outside the
negative portrayal of Borno as state of insurgency.”
exhibition which was organised by Borno State Government in
collaboration with Centre for Arts and Creative Talents provided a
counter narrative to the negative headlines by displaying the resilience
of the people to rebuild their lives after insurgency, hence the photo
exhibitions is tagged bruised, not broken.
photo Journalist, Fati Abubakar, is a visual storyteller born and
raised in Maiduguri, Borno State. She developed a passion for
photography and is the creator of Bits of Borno, a visual portrayal of
the lives of Borno State residents after insurgency.


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