Tom Watson performs ‘dab’ dance move in celebration of Jeremy Corbyn zinger

Having originated on the Atlanta hip-hop scene, the ‘dab’ dance move rapidly became a worldwide phenomenon with associated online videos accumulating millions of views.

But while those behind the move will presumably have been delighted
to see it catch on with youth cultures across the globe, it is unlikely
they envisaged it would ever reach the hallowed confines of the Palace
of Westminster.

So it came as some surprise to many when cameras inside the House of
Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions capture Deputy Labour Party
leader Tom Watson becoming the latest convert to the international craze.

His party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had just delivered an impassioned
plea to Theresa May that she ensure the Government “puts the NHS first,
and will invest in our NHS”.

But as the live video feed cut away, the camera picked up the
unmistakable spectacle of the 50-year-old member for West Bromwich East
drop his head into his right elbow, to perform the sneeze-like gesture.

The former Minister for Digital Engagement and the Civil Service later confirmed his actions, telling Huffington Post Executive Editor Paul Waugh: “Did I do a dab? I’ve been doing them with my kids in the holidays so I may have inadvertently done one.”

Asked if the Prime Minister knew what a dab was, Theresa May’s spokesman said: “I beg your pardon. Is it a radio?”



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