Unique Motors as a company is aware of the on-going trending news, of a video that went viral last week over social media and various online platform, linking the company’s vehicle stock available for sale with the recent whistle blowing activities of the present administration, this was also further aggravated with the tweet by the APC UK Chapter Twitter handle who called for further investigation of the video by the EFCC and the Nigerian Police Force.

Many bloggers without any investigation and reconfirmation of facts, and various social media commentators unfortunately linked the company and the said vehicles to a former Customs Boss and also the present Executive Governor of Edo State.

Unique Motor hereby issues the following official Statement;

We are a legitimate business enterprise dealing in various state of the art automobiles with various offices in Nigeria and employer to dozens of staff.

We are not affiliated with any political office holder past or present, their affiliates or representatives and have not benefited financially from any such purported relationships.

Whilst we are open to do business with the Present Governor of Edo State His Excellency Godwin Obaseki and any other individual we will like to place it on record that the said car neither belongs to him or his aides nor members of his immediate family but an individual bearing the same name who happens to be a customer of Unique Motors whose vehicle at the time of the video was enjoying our top of the range Upgrade and after sale services which we offer to clients

We will like to thank all our past, present and even future clients for patronage and sincerely apologize for any dismay, fear and panic this might have caused on the goodwill and confidence our brand is known for in the industry.

We are a law abiding company and support any action by the government in sanitizing our country and will like to acknowledge the rebuttal of the story and video by the APC UK Chapter whose executive have been in constant communication with our lawyers on the matter in clearing and bringing to a close this unfortunate incident.

Finally we would like to put on record that the various social media platforms and newspapers and blogs have all been notified and the public should take note and desist from the spread of such dangerous false rumours without proper investigation, and will like to thank our friends, associates and dealers for all the calls of concern.

THE MERCEDES BENZ GWAGONS ARE ALL FOR SALE and we welcome all prospective buyers from all across to Nigeria to visit our show rooms or get in touch for attractive deals and excellent after sale service.

Thank you.

Omoijiade Christopher E. LLM (Herts)
Lucidus Postermo Legal Practitioners‎



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