Text of press conference delivered by his Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. Abodurin Oyetunji, Olakanla II, paramount ruler and the Aare of Ago-Are Land




Every society is an assemblage of people that had migrated from different places with different history and pedigree the need for leadership at a given time would awaken the society to scout for someone with a decent and impeccable features such as bravery , explorative and compassion to give the people sense of pride. Ago-are commun is not different from the explanation as Ajibesin Adensile from Ikole Ekiti through his combatant dispositions founded a place called Seyindo which later became Sando. Journeyed though Asense , Oke-iluku, Ago-ofiki, Owo-oke and the present Ago-are, Aare has been the head of the confederation known as Iluku people and that predates pre-colonial,colonial and part of post-colonial era. Every attempts by reactionaries represented by one Uthman Oyetunde Azeez who styled himself as Alagere of Ago-are in a paid advert publication on page 33 of the Nigerian Tribune of November 10,2017 titled” The structure of Ago-are and the Chieftaincy Arrangement ” has met brick wall as the history of Ago-are community do not open to manipulation and cannot be distorted.


Aside from the partisan democratic political system of government in vogue nationwide, Ago-are Community also operates the typical Yoruba traditional system of governance.

This traditional system consists of :

a) Aare-in council: That is made up of the Aare(as the paramount ruler of Agoareland with the traditional cabinent which consists of the Quarter Baales, the Kingmakers and other Chiefs.

b) The Quarter Baales: Bear rule over their respective quarters/domains and are accountable to the Aare for all the activities/occurrences in their respective regard.

c) The Kingmakers: In addition to their major assignments in the process of selection and installation of New Aare,have responsibility for good governance ,enforcement of law and order, and peaceful resolution of minor conflicts in their respective compounds(Agbo-ile).

d) The Traditional Chiefs; Who are mainly traditional and hereditary by nature, have specific duties and responsibilities which they perform on behalf of the Monarch.

Such respective duties, however,relate to their heredity by way of trade,craftmanship ,prowess and assigned administration portfolios. Agoare is an ancient town and the paramount ruler, the Aare like other traditional rulers in Yorubaland has its root in Elekole, the son of Oduduwa, Baale Ageere has its root traced to one man called Oduntan from Ofa who was a hunter and also Baale Ito traced to Olaekun one of Basorun Gaa’s son. Oduntan was made the first Baale Ageere at Oke-iluku by Aare Adefunmbi Oladimeji who had earlier appointed Olalekan as Baale Ito at Asense. These two Chiefs had no royal blood nor had any settlement of their own, their individual characteristics earned them the chieftaincies.

The founder of the present Agoare community, Aare Olaniyan,ascended the throne at Ago-ofiki and top of his agenda was having a suitable and strategic location for the settlement of Iluku people who had been terribly affected by incessant Dahomeyan invasion and attack. Not minding the conspiracies of Baale Ageere Adeoye Ojelade to scatter the Iluku people to ensure that the creation of present Agoare community did not come to reality. As a result of their conspiracies, Baale Ageere Ojelade and Baale Ito Ajayi was confined to Ago-ofiki and in their places, Labintan and Adebisi were appointed Mogaji Ageere and Ito in the new settlements in Agoare. From above standings, it is misnormer and an affront to the supremacy of Aare of Agoare to that of the minor chiefs whose chieftaincies would have been wiped off and could have not been in existence in the present Agoare but for the magnanimity of Aare as a result of some people from the Ageere and Ito household that were loyal and respect the authority of Aare.

Oyetunde Azeez still needed to abreast himself of some facts before appending his signature to and advert whose contents he did not even understand, Agoare was not at any time addressed as Ago-opopo ,but Owo-oke but later changed to Agoare during the reign of Aare Olakanla the first, by Alafin as a result of an accident. The Ago Opolo was jestingly needed to refer to Agoare when Aare Olakanla created the motor way leading to Saki at the request of Captain William Aiston Ross (the District Officer).

The refusal to accept the authority and supremacy of Aare of Agoare started in 1985. Oyetunde Azeez and his sponsors should please refer to the appointments of all the Baale Ageere in Agoare including the last accupier of the chieftaincy and they would know better. It was Aare Olalekan that appointed Alabi Olokudu from Aganna compound as the first Agoro Ageere and nothing has changed this imprimatur of Aare of Agoare on appointment of any responsible persons with impeccable characters to promotions for easy and accessible governance of Agoare community.

Like my ancestors, development of Agoare in all areas is the core of my agenda. This is what I have embarked on since my ascendancy to the throne. Though,distraction from reactionaries forces subsists as a result of religious colouration of issues that has absolutely nothing with it and some unsuspected minds have subscribed to it. I would not back down on my resolution to run all inclusive administration that all, even the forces would later embrace for the good Agoare community. Agoare is fast growing,expanding and new settlements are emerging hence, the need for creation of chiefdoms like my predecessors did and graciously appointed the Baales; Ito and Ageere compounds and households that fail within Agoare and Ito quarters today,do not have the same history and origin with the households of Baale Ageere and that of Ito,but were placed under these chieftaincies of administer. This exactly my reign as Aare is sustaining by creating chiefdoms and have appointed, with the approval of good people of Agoare,capable hands to oversee.

My reign has thrilled prominent citizens of the community both at home and in diaspora to form a common front for the development of the community. Recently, through our self-help agenda, the General Hospital was renovated,refurbished and equipped for good health care delivery and to enhance the effectiveness of the health workers in the hospital. Also, all the abandoned boreholes within the community are being attended to in order to foreclose the recurring water scarcity during dry season. I am looking forward to more supports from well-meaning individuals for collaboration to make Agoare a better place.


As an entity in perpetuity, it is evident that the structure and equipment of yesterday may not be adequate to tackle the challenges of today. The new dawn impels the responsibility of responding to emerging issues with the best available strategies that will ensure the community remains united, stable , progressive and well equipped in the course of activating the purpose of God for establishing her where is situated. The enormity and calibre of the friends,guests and willing donors invited to this occasion is a clear testimony of our endowment in terms of human and material resources in diverse ways. The favourale climate and geographical setting of the town adds credence to her potentials, talkless of the hospitality and amiable attitude of the natives which makes the community an entity in committee of towns and villages. It becomes imperative for us to tap and utilize the potential to good advantage. Naturally, every regime seeks to add some values to an evolving entity: We hope this step will also make some positive contribution to the development of the town.

The goal is to bequeath a better and greater Agoare community to both the generality of the present and future generation as we develop and make her a pride of place for all of us to the glory of God. Palace is an impressive symbol of power, strength and traditional authority. It is not only meant do aesthetic and practical uses, but also for spiritual moves and historical values. So, building a new one became imperative as the inherited and existing one is old and not convenient for palace administration and other traditional engagements. This anniversary is therefore centre toward showcasing unprecedented cultural background, heritage and high-level of hospitality and commitment that has been maintained by successive generations of Agoare,amongst these values is the respect for traditional structure and arrangement that people of Agoare has held in high esteem and sacred.


Being an integral part of Oyo extraction of the Yoruba race, the cultural practices in Agoare are quite typical of the customs and traditional of Oyo people. For instance, the worship system is in line with three vocal religious practices of the modern day Yoruba setting.

That is :

a. Traditional religious worship of the various deities of Ifa,Obatala, Sango, Ogun, Oya, Orisa-oko,Oro, Egungun.

b. Islamic faith in its various denominations and,

c. Christianity in its major settings of the Baptist , Catholic, C&S ,C.A.C,Deeper Life, R.C.C.G and a host of other charismatic denominations. The topography,climate and vegetable of Agoare are quite typical of the Savanna Region worldwide. To this extend, the pre-dominant occupation in the town is agriculture particularly of perennial crop ( Arable and Tobacco) as well as animal husbandry and poultry farming. Agro-processing and Agro-allied trading activities as well as transportation, craftsmanship and artisanship are common ventures with the youths,male and female.


The core values of an average Agoare indigene are based on Integrity, Loyalty and Hospitality. The natives exhibit good respect and care for the strangers. They also cherish the reputation of their progenitors . This accounts for the choice of Agoare are site for the residence and operating headquarters of the officials of British American Tobacco Company as far back as 1940 among other reputable organizations. Accountability is our watchword in every assignment. Rancor,violence and hostility are anathema in our culture. Peaceful resolution of issues among the citizenry is very much valued and this constitutes the bulk of activities at the weekly meeting of the Aare in council.

The basic norms within the community revolve around respect : respect for the constituted authorities, leadership, the elders , one another as well as self. Arroganot is abhorred to a great extent.


It is interesting to note that all the universally acceptable approaches and strategies for emancipation and development are being employee in our community’s effort at promoting the followed two main dimensions: education and infrastructure. A personal observation on the infrastructural and recreational facilities essential for the wellbeing development. The efforts and ingenious activities of the leadership of Egbe Ifelodun Omo Agoare in this regard is wortsy of note. In the same vein, the contributions of the government functionaries at the State and local government levels towards giving the community a face lift are equally worthy of note. We wish them greater heights and God’s guidance. However, it should be noted that most of these projects still require some forms of attention to avail the people their intended benefit . In fact, some of them are yet to be completed and made to fulfil the objective of their initiators: The improvement of quality of life within the community. The major areas of concern are education, environment , management,commerce,health,hospitality, social welfare,road network , power and water.


Agoare land is well endowed with natural and human resources that can be harnessed for economic and business gains. The town is surrounded by a vast terrain of Savanna vegetation with favorable climate for the community in entire Okeogun region of Oyo State makes for easy accessibility to all other towns in the region. The ever increasing vast population of the community I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me its potentials as market centre for all consumer as well as capital goods. The three major markets serve as reliable sources of supply of arable agricultural produce and livestock as food stuff for the rest of Oyo State and Ogun State. Residents of Agoare are quite comfortable with the community’s peaceful coexistence with other tribes /creeds. VISION/MISSION. I need to state very unequivocally that the vision/mission of the present Kabiyesi, the Aare of Agoare is very clear and unambiguous and shall be pursued vigorously by me to bringing back the lost glories of the community. All hands must be on deck at achieving these onerous task. To God be the glory, I therefore wish all the people in Agoare and abroad a more prosperous years as we march on the pedestal of making Agoare great.

Thank you all.



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