‘Stop jealous’ and the internet refuses to forgive!

Here’s the video of Lizzy and her pets that made her a trending topic this weekend.

Did you see anything wrong with the video? Lizzy said “stop jealous” to Pretty and this got a LOT of people talking, most especially comedian Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basketmouth.

Basketmouth came to Lizzy’s rescue in the slyest of ways!
The ever savage KraksTV also had their say…LMAO
Here’s what Lizzy had to say afterwards.

My pets skyrocketing my fame like wildfire ‎…non of my movies or good writeup has ever gain huge attention as this …we are the main PROBLEM of this great Country…if playing with my pets could generate such huge attention and ridiculous hype and the naira remains

500 to 1dollar

Petrol 145 naira per litre

1 Bag of rice for 20k

Boko Haram still keeping some of our girls hostage

Your house rent is due

Little or no power supply



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