#SmackDown Boy Decided To Embarrass His Date On Social Media, Her Response Is Savage!

A guy decided to shame a girl, who refused to date him after going on a date with him.

This dude, with Twitter handle @Pabloayodeji, wrote on his timeline, “Some girls are just mad. You agreed to go on a date with me and you’re telling me you (are) not interested in a relationship. #brokeasshungrybitch”.

In response, the lady, @Missmoshiku, wrote, “Lol. these twitter boys.”

As if that was not enough, this slay lady went ahead and listed what the guy bought for them both during the said date and then… wait for it… she made a mobile transfer of the total and even asked him to keep the change for transport. Class!

Some boys can be real immature. 

A lady mostly agrees on a date to
get to know you and be able to assess your personality. This would help her in deciding whether she can
spend more time with you.

This table turned badly! Hope lesson is learnt.



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