Shocking: 45 Year Old’s Private Message To 10 Year Old Girl

An older man, with the Facebook name, Tyrone Banks has done the
unbelievable after his private messages to a minor was shared on

The message he sent to the little girl reads:

Hello Princess Kayla how old are you and I hope you are old enough to
be my friend if it’s ok with you sweetheart so hit me up with a message
or two if you want to let me know if you want to chat with me please
can you you do that for me sweetheart and you are sexy sweet and cute to
me so lets chat with each other that’s kool.

Her mother of course saw the message and shared it online, she wrote;

“As I sat in my office
waiting on a friend to drop off my lunch, I received a notification on
Kayla’s, Princess Kayla Heart of love Castle Charity page, that she had a
message In her inbox! A little puzzled, I thought it was odd so I read
the message and in an instant I became emotional knowing in my heart
that I was dealing with a real CHILD PREDATOR/MOLESTER! Thinking how did
he find my baby! She’s just a little girl! God, how did he find my
baby??? Looking at her page he knows she’s just a little girl!!! Leaving
work going to get my baby! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GUYS WATCH YOUR
KIDS!!!! Kayla never leaves my side and look how this predator got
thru!!! Who is this man?!?!! My next step is self explanatory to you
all!!!! But, I cannot stop crying My baby doesn’t have her own FB page, I
created her charity page for a good cause not for pedophiles!!! her
page is attached to mine! HER PAGE WILL BE DELETED ”

Kayla’s page has since been deleted by her mother.



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