Royal Rumble As Day Oluwo Challenged Alaafin’s Authority

By Kayode Oladeji

Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi,are currently embroiled in a face off due to an alleged encroachment by the Alaafin into the territory of Oluwo .

The Controversy specifically learnt that the simmering royal rumble was caused by Oba Lamidi’s attempt to crown a royal father in one of the Iwo appendages without recourse to the Oluwo who is the consenting authority in the area especially as regards chieftaincy issues .

Sources said Oba Akanbi’s anger stemmed from the attempt made on Saturday, 22nd July, 2017, by the Alaafin of Oyo to crown Onikoyi of Ikoyi ,Oba Afeez Adigun Badeji Akinmoyero of Ikoyi Kuta in Ayedire Local Government area of Osun State.

On the day of the event according to Palace sources , unknown to the Oluwo , the Alaafin who was already at the venue of the ceremony at Ikoyi Kuta,was said to have commenced the crowning rites when a traditional ruler present at the occasion, tipped Oba Akanbi off ,which necessitated the traditional ruler of Iwo rushing to the event.

“Respect they say is reciprocal. Yoruba culture is loaded with obedience, respect between and among elders to the young and vice versa. Traditional institution is the custodian and priest of tradition. Monarchs in Yoruba land, exchange royal greetings in form of homage to themselves not minding the age or built stature, but according respect to the stool what it deserves, believed to be eternal. Even, they (monarchs) are so cultured that, non dare not attend public event in his colleague’s domain without informing him of coming or stop over at his Palace as a mark of honour to the stool they both represent and revered. That exactly is one of the pure tradition of Yoruba land. But a contrary scenario happened in Ikoyi Kuta recently” said a source at the Oluwo Palace

It further noted “Ikoyi Kuta is situated beside Kuta, a town under Ayedire Local Government, Osun State. The Baale of the town sought for the wearing of beaded crown from Oluwo of Iwo, HIM Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi. As the consenting authority in the district, Oba Akanbi wrote the state government for the approval which was subsequently granted”

Continuing ,”On the fixed date for the coronation, Oluwo got an emergency call from one of the traditional rulers already seated, that Alaafin was in attendance. Oluwo rushed down in a jiffy, greeted and exchanged pleasantries with the Alaafin. The program commenced immediately”

It was further learnt that the real trouble began when it was the time to crown the new Oba as Alaafin was said to have allegedly announced to that effect, that he would be doing so alongside an aged woman he bought from Oyo.

But we further gathered that the Oluwo who saw it as an affront on the Iwo Stool and the people of his kingdom he was representing, would take none of that.

To make good his stance,Oluwo allegedly collected the crown and

called other traditional rulers present to join him in crowning the new Oba.

With that, the Oluwo allegedly succeeded in “disarming” the Alaafin by crowning the Onikoyi of Ikoyi in concert with other Obas present.

“When it was time to crown the new Oba, all traditional rulers in attendance went into seclusion (one of the classrooms at the venue) for the traditional rites. There, Alaafin of Oyo said he, together with a woman of menopausal age, he reportedly brought from Oyo, would crown the new Onikoyi. Oluwo frowned at this and said no, with respect. He(Oluwo), politely said “Baba, awa kise baun nibi ” meaning ‘No Sir, we don’t do it like that here’ Oluwo said he, as the consenting authority in the traditional district of Iwo, Ola Oluwa and Ayedire Local Governments, would conduct the process together with other Obas and that Alaafin could also join should he wish”the Palace source further intoned.

“Alaafin got angry. Oluwo collected the Crown and called other Obas to join him in the process” the source added.

The Controversy further learnt that the development irked the traditional ruler of Oyo who was said to have tongue-lashed the Oluwo by admonishing him to be careful as he was too young to be courting troubles.

“When they got to the public ground of the event, Alaafin was to give his address because Oluwo had spoken before the seclusion. Baba Alaafin started calling Oluwo unprintable names saying among other things,”Oni lati ma farabale, Omo kekere ni e”, implying, as a young man,you have to be treading with caution. Oluwo tried to caution him but he (Alaafin) refused. After heat of agitations, the Alaafin left angrily”

“By and large, Oluwo installed Onikoyi. Oluwo is a natural monarch that had never been a Baale in history. He is a brother to very few natural Obas that Yoruba land is blessed with, Alaafin inclusive”

Vaunting with relish, the source added “Iwo is a kingdom on its own with more than 40 traditional rulers. The ancient city is never a subordinate to any Oba or city. Hence, a viceroy to none. By the way, can Alaafin go to Abeokuta,Ogun State, to crown a king?”

Meanwhile when contacted ,the Press Security to the Oluwo, Mr Ali Ibrahim who though did not deny the story, refused however, to comment on it .

Equally, efforts to get the side of Alaafin of Oyo on the matter, proved abortive as none in the Palace was ready to talk about the incident.



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