Popular Ghanaian comedian mocks Jesus

Ghanaian comedian known as Kwaku Sintim-Misa has cracked a rather expensive joke.

He stated on social media that people have been saying Jesus is coming soon for 2,019 and he is yet to show – He advised that people start saying ‘eventually’ seems it appears he is not coming anytime soon Religious jokes are always sensitive as it is generally perceived as a mockery of the faith of a group of people.

However, Ghanaian comedian known as Kwaku Sintim-Misa threw caution to the wind when he stated that it appears the coming of Jesus is not coming as soon as Christians think. in a post shared on his verified twitter handle on January 20, he stated for 2,019 years, people have been waiting for the coming of Jesus and it is yet to happen.

He advised that people change ‘He is coming soon’ to ‘eventually’. Normally, his statement will spark outrage and people will throw verbal stones at him for mocking the son of God but a lot of people seemed laid back and tried to rationalise his statement.



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