Police impersonator gets 5 years in jail for defrauding German woman

A man posing as a Police Officer was handed a five-year prison sentence on Monday for defrauding an elderly Woman of cash and valuables to the tune of 340,000 dollars.

The court in the south-west city of Heidelberg found that the woman, reported to be in her mid-60’s, had been subjected to hours of intimidation on the phone in February from a man claiming to be a police officer.

The woman handed over the cash and valuables to the 30-year-old, who said they were being confiscated for the purpose of an investigation.

The fake police officer told her he was taking them for safekeeping ahead of a planned armed break-in at his victim’s home.

His defence lawyer cast doubt on the woman’s identification of the fake officer and said he would lodge an appeal.



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