Phone call: Jealous wife sets husband, rented apartment on fire (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A report has filtered from Kano about an incident involving a couple whose rented apartment got burnt.

It was later learnt that the wife, out of jealousy, allegedly set the house on fire and locked the door.

Trouble started on Saturday night when the husband, named Emeka, received a from a lady, the suspected to be his ex girlfriend.

According to a neighbour, who heard the hot exchange, the wife angrily yanked off the phone from him and shouting he had started again.

It was claimed the woman claimed they would both die that night because of that action.

One thing led to the other, pour petrol everywhere in the house and set it on fire.

All attempts by neughbours to open their door proved abortive as the woman eventually died in the inferno while the husband managed to escape with third degree burns.

The man later died in the hospital.

The incident happened in Sabo Garri, Kano State.



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