Pastors Are Not Preternatural!

Olawale Olaleye

Someone asked me last night why I’d not said a word about the alleged philandering in Churches these days and I told him it was Eid-el-fitri and I wanted to keep today as holy as possible. After all, I won’t be the first person to oscillate between Islam and Christianity for convenience or political exigencies.

But a quick one. What you see lately in Churches is as a result of people replacing God with their pastors. And the God we are talking about here is a jealous one. So, He simply exposes the humanity in your idols called pastors, because He is the only one who is perfect and not subject to excuses.

There are people who would do anything, yes, I mean anything that comes from their pastors without rethinking, just because “pastor says so”. That’s not obedience; it is foolishness. Obedience not guided by wisdom and good reasoning is foolishness. It is often not the rare cases of God inculcating lessons with the foolish things of the world but you promptly deploying the spirit of discernment, whenever your pastors go mad.

Therefore, if you perish for lack of basic knowledge in the words of God or defective wisdom, hold no one responsible for whatever misfortune that befalls you. For as long as the alleged philandering is not rape, at gunpoint or juju (which is debatable), abeg, it is consensual.

I find it difficult to advance ignorance in defence of a multitude. I’d seen too much madness in the house of God to defend those who openly subject themselves to such humiliation in the name of salvation. How can a Pastor ask all female members to take off their underwear during service for whatever reasons and they would oblige?

If the pastors are evil, such members are accomplices too. They are actually helping to desecrate the house of God and destroy his gospel. A pastor asked to see you at a hotel and you think it was okay to honour such an invitation, when no service was holding at the location? Don’t pretend, you definitely knew what was going to go down.

It is bad enough that a man of God has crossed the line, you aided him by playing along and to further exacerbate his sins, you kept quiet. Please, spare me such emotional claptrap and admit to having failed God too.

Pastors are not God and therefore can be slaves to the flesh. So, who says as an ordinary member, God can’t use you to reset your pastor’s brain? But because you also have an agenda, you tagged along and now playing the victim. Stupid!

I know of people that some pastors had approached for sexual relationships but told them off and changed denominations, when the pastors became persistent, because they didn’t want to be a vessel in the hands of the devil. Period!

I saw a video recently, where a certain pastor was desperately asking for seed from his congregation and issued all sorts of “spiritual threats” to members if they disobeyed the instruction, because according to him, it came from God. He was shocked to his marrow. Not a single member came out. It is not everyone that is a “mugun” or carried away by their worldly aura.

Unplanned, the entire congregation was not disposed to it and that was it. Even I was awed by their recalcitrance and indeed proud of that congregation. They had probably become tired of such nonsense and served a dose of what they were capable of.

Please, stop playing the victim but accept your failings too as contributory to the level of decay in the churches today especially, as regards alleged philandering of men of God. It is not until then we can all come together to save the pastors from themselves.

This is however not advancing excuses for their madness, but identifying what we could do collectively as Christians to save the body of Christ from this increasing embarrassment.

Happy Eid-el-fitr!



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