OONI OF IFE TO VISIT LONDON ….Read Details Of The Royal Visit

The Ọọ̀ni’rìsà of Ilé-Ifẹ̀, the Àrólé Odùduwà and spiritual leader of all Yorùbá people in Nigeria and Diaspora, will be officially visiting the United Kingdom from 12- 25 March 2017 to meet the multitude of yoruba subjects residing in the UK and visit Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II as part of his commitment to the greatness of the Commonwealth.

Ooni Adéyeyè Enitan Ògúnwùsì will be dedicating part of his
Schedules to meet with the Nigeria High Commission heads, Nigerian-British Mayors (past and present), Local Councillors, business professionals and youth group members who are global players in their fields of endeavours. His Imperial Majesty through his Global Outreach Initiative, organised by Ooni of Ife’s Global Outreach and the Ife Community UK, will be hosting over a thousand Guests on Friday 24th March 2017 in an evening of celebration geared towards promoting and transmitting culture, heritage and history for dialogue and economic development.

His Imperial Majesty will not be hosting any other celebrations apart from his royal dinner gala on Friday 24th march 2017 at the Arora Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel, London O2. More details available at www.ooniofifego.com

The event mentioned in your your blog post is just one of the many events His Imperial Majesty have been invited to during his two weeks visit. We would appreciate it if you can amend your post accordingly.

To get the full details of HIM’s visit, email info@ooniofifego.com



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