Omoge Campus: Friends, Colleagues Eulogise Dead Actress

It was a sad day to wake up to the news of the demise of one of the most scandal-free Nollywood actresses in the popular make belief industry.

Aisha Abimbola died in the early hours of today, Tuesday, May 16, 2018 of breast cancer infection.

The top actress, who was loved by many while alive, because of her humility would be missed greatly as encomiums started pouring in for her.

On a popular society Whatsapp group, METRONEWS CHATROOM, she belonged to, many have sent condolences while others wrote on their relationships with her which cemented the fact that Omoge Campus was indeed an angel.

A member with username Crush Chic wrote:

I’m going to do this now and not wait for when she is going to be buried.
I met Aisha in a group called METRONEWS Chatroom created by Femi Davies. Now I’m not a celebrity of any sort but a friend to Femi Davies. Aisha related with me on a neutral ground and we chatted privately while we were at it I was shown so much love as she had a story which was partially true. The day she saw me physically was the day she added me to UNITY group. Have regretted being in this group no!! When I was at my lowest during my pregnancy she made it a point of duty to check on me and came to see me thrice. Once when she came to shoot a video and twice on her own. Have I lost a sister? YES!!!!!Have I lost a friend? YES!!!!!! I’m broken and sad!! As much as I’m this sad I know Aisha would want us all to worry less about her but have her back when it comes to her kids.

Buska wrote:

CC! I met Aisha on the same forum
Have had series of private chat with her
Very friendly and down to earth
You are going to do us a favor in how to handle and relate to issue concerning the kids and family she left behind
So that in our own small way,we can always give a helping hand
God and d gods be with you and all yours

Another member, @Folamvision Nigeria&UK, also wrote about a departed friend:

I met her during the video shoot of Sulaimon Adio Atawewe’s Child Abuse video shoot.

She was so Matured and Down to Earth.

Yinka Omooba had this to say about the movie actress:

I never met her but bought security doors for my house from her on this platform. So, nice, understanding lady…..i can’t say much but she will be missed by myself, and as a fan

Otunba Femi Davies wrote this:

I met Aisha as a youth corper serving in Lagos through another late actress, Moji Olaiya, who also died in Canada last year. At the time, she was living with Moji in Gbagada,her journey into movie world was the usual friend escorting friend to location. One thing led to the other, she got a role and the rest was history. Very friendly, sensitive and cautious. Frank and warm. I could go on and on, She didn’t like to disturb people, maybe one of the reasons most of her close friends are not aware of her health situation, she will be greatly missed. I just lost a dear friend turned sister with her death. Rest In Perfect Peace Aisha Abimbola Omoge Campus, a rare breed and a breath of fresh air in the Yoruba movie industry.

Others like Olori Olubunmi Ayo-Fawole wrote:

I met her on this platform and she’s been good. We we started private chatting and realised how matured she was. She was at ibadan and called severally just because she wanted to see the face of the lady that continously sends her pictures of herself during her action time on TV. I made it a point of duty to always take her pictures anytime I get to watch her movies and send same to her. when I resumed as the GM of AVRS, I needed a Yoruba actor to work with ans the first person I called was Aisha. To my amazement, despite the short notice and impromptu arrangement, this beautiful lady didn’t only turn up but came very early. She was just the right person I needed at that time because the genre of users connected with her and related beautifully with her. I called and called severally last week, but it the calls didn’t connect, I read and see B uska ask of her every time on this platfom and I waited in vain for a response from her. And just this morning, I read of her demise and i ask myself, Na so people dey die? Really? Aisha was full of life, she had great energy, action filled, matured, selfless, she had self respect, she was scandal free, she maintained a self disciplined life, she had her moments, she was not loud, contented, tolerant, she was everything she could be at the every point of her life. Sleep well and rest well. May God keep and give your children the love and life you couldn’t wait to gibe them. Adieu Omoge campus! I love you.

Oluwayemisi Jayeola wailed:

CC – I know God is unquestionable God but why AISHA for God sake. Ave not bn myself. God why ha!!! O ma se o.

While also condoling with the family, a member of the forum with username DE-SKY advised:

Nollywood actors both male and female need to do more in creating awareness for cancer. They should use their influence and connections to seek donations for cancer research. Although I have seen some visit orphanages on their birthdays, I also expect them to team up and set up fundraising for such causes and make it as loud as possible. We need to take our health more seriously.. May God grant Aisha Abimbola eternal rest and protect the rest of us..

Aisha died at a Canadian hospital in the presence of family, colleagues and friends.

The actress would be buried 17th of May, exactly one year after the demise of her friend, Moji Olaiya in Canada.

May God grant her eternal rest.



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