Oando Boss, Wale Jubril Tinubu, Hits 50

Wale Jubril Tinubu is a hardworking man.

Wale sits on top of Nigeria’s largest production and exploration oil and gas company. He is the CEO of Africa’s leading energy solutions providers, OANDO PLC.

He started business after his university degree, with his clear focus and passion, spurred the unusual innate flare for the rise of his company till date. With the sobriquets of the acclaimed ‘King of African Oil’, Wale is living his dreams.

Wale, a trained lawyer at the University of Liverpool, United kingdom abandoned law to face his passion which is business and chose the oil and gas sector which many confess that he is a blessing to his generation.

In 2000, Ocean and Oil acquired Unipetrol during the Nigerian government’s privatization exercise. Two years later, they led the largest ever acquisition of a quoted Nigerian company with the purchase of AGIP by Unipetrol. Wale and his team later rebranded as Oando PLC, which has grown to become the leading oil and gas retailer in Nigeria, ensuring one in five cars on Nigerian roads drives on its PMS.

Suddenly, after investing much in the acquisition of AGIP, the global prices of oil dwindled, Wale found himself in the murky waters of business as his empire went awry.

The cash seemed to dry up and people thought it was all over for the oil and gas whiz kid, Wale and his team re-strategized and capitalized on area he felt they missed out; but providence bloom on him, Oando eventually skyrocketed back to retain its top spot, all what was lost was recovered within a short period of time.

For Wale Tinubu, when you mention June 26th, what comes to his mind is his birthday, Next Monday, he will be attaining the golden age of fifty. Many friends and family are gradually gearing up for this much anticipated birthday soiree, which many perceived is going to be the talk of the town. Wale a dandy, whose poise, gaits and allure catches the fancy of his admirer’s laced with his bold presence and love for excellence; even his critics also showers encomium on him.

Wale is a philanthropist per excellence, as many confirmed that he can’t stand the sight of his fellow human in distress. ‘He can give his last penny just to render assistance to the needy’ as disclosed by one of his friends. Wale has not revealed any plans for an elaborate birthday soiree, but many people who know Wale to be a fun lover, who would spare nothing to give himself a special treat for his birthday. According to sources close to him, revealed to CITYSPY.NG, that, ‘Wale will be giving out fifty scholarship to fifty students to mark his birthday’ and he will be doing some quiet donations to the less privilege just to thank his creator for sparing his life to see the golden age’.



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