#NoTo100k! University of Ibadan medical students sing school anthem to protest hike in fees

The medical students of the University of Ibadan have donned their white coats to protest an increase in their school fees.

The students converged at the gates of the institution and sang their school anthem in a bid to get the managements attention.

The school fees payable by the students increased by over 100%.

Levies ranging from ₦75,000 to ₦100,000, described as “Professional Levy,” were added to the fees of students studying in the College of Medicine, UI.

In a series of posts on the internet, medical students were seen reciting the school anthem while stressing that it was a peaceful protest.

They wrote,

“We are not violent. We will never hurt anyone.Do not slander our good name
“We are intellectuals. We are protesting intellectually.
“Do not make us into the animals that we are not #NoTo100k.” 

Earlier the students were shut out of their hostels after the school authorities said that their activities may pose a security threat.

However, they were let into their hostels after the intervention of the president, ICOMAA Worldwide, Dr Abib Olamitoye.

Using the hashtag, #NoTo100k #SaveIbadanMedicine, the students described the increase as unjust and unaffordable.

See documents of the protest and photos:



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