Nollytease: Married actresses fight dirty over man

Apart from the dramas they present us on screen, a lot more drama goes on than meets the eyes, when the directors sleep.

It is not new to the movie industry for actors to be romantically involved with one another, what doesn’t not easily sit well is how two married female actors would be romantically involved with a fast rising actor, who is single.

Both women and their playtoy, that goes by the first name Sulaimon, are practitioners in the Yoruba sub-sector of Nollywood.

To further ease your guesses, the two rival actress have the same first name, and are big names in the Yoruba movie industry.

It was gathered that Sulaimon was involved first with one of the actress, who is light skinned and has her family overseas, but appeared to have dumped her for the other lady. Both actress were reported to be at daggers drawn, accusing each other of roughening the sheet with same man and fighting for who reigns supreme in their ‘boyfriend’s’ heart.

Another colleague of theirs, a light skinned actress, although from the eastern part of Nigeria, but speaks Yoruba quite well, wade in to have both warring sides sheath their swords.



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