“No News On President’s Arrival Yet, Why?”

Emerging report on Monday afternoon revealed that there is no news yet on President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrival to London, having left the shores of Nigeria for medical treatment, on Sunday night.

Concerned Nigerians on Monday, raised alarm, accusing the Presidency of handling all Buhari’s Presidential activities on Sunday, in secrecy.

No News Of Buhari’s Arrival, After Several Hours Of Leaving Nigeria To UK, Nigerians Are Worried

In a message sent to Post-Nigeria, Lere Olayinka, the Media Aide to the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, wrote: “Everything done in the Presidential Villa yesterday (Sunday), was behind the camera.

“The “freed Chibok Girls” were received by President Buhari behind camera – No video camera was allowed.

“President Buhari’s departure to London was done behind camera – No video camera was allowed.

“His arrival to London too, was behind camera. *No video of his departure from Nigeria and arrival in London (if he at all he has arrived).”

He added: “President Buhari’s major problems are his handlers, who are always lying on his behalf, and those social media sycophants, who will defend the lies, even if they are told that their mother is a man.

“Even the promises made by the APC during elections, were made on behalf of the President.

“Now that it is obvious that the President is seriously sick (which is not unusual), what happened to those who told Nigerians that he was hale and hearty?

“#May God intervene in Nigeria, like He has always done.”


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