Nigerian police ignores SOS call because ‘the boys were too many’ (VIDEOS)

An eyewitness who would rather remain anonymous, has related her ordeal and that of her community in the hands of some hoodlums who terrorised her area in the dead of the night with the police allegedly ignoring their calls for help because, according to them, the police claimed the boys were too many and could overpower them.

According to her, the event happened around 1:30am midnight on 26th of May, 2019.

“We heard a lot of noise from down the street and checked to see what was going on but we couldn’t really be sure what the problem was,” she narrated.

“Gradually the noise got closer until they (the hoodlums) got to Jebba Junction which was where they were for at least 1hr30mins. These were young boys of about age 13 to 18 at most or maybe a little older.

“They started shouting thief! and anyone that came out to help out was attacked. A man who came with gun to threaten and discard had his head smashed with bottle.

“Vehicles were vandalised on the street and my car was destroyed as well,” the lady narrated in a video.

On why the police was not informed, she reported that the Denton Police Station was called several times but no one picked up.

“We called the Denton police several times but to no avail. We even sent a text to their DPO but there was no response. And not until we called Adekunle Police Station (Panti) before a bit of sanity was restored and this was around 2:55am.

“Later in the morning, the police came to patrol and said the boys were too many so they couldn’t confront them.

“It was then we learnt that the touts came on revenge mission because one of them was killed at Kano Street. So they came to our street looking for the killer at Taojud, the Muslim vigil, but couldn’t find him.”

She claimed that the case was later reported to the same Denton police station as advised and the officer on seat made made give statement in front of the suspect they apprehended at 3:30am which they said was one of them.

“Although I told one of the officers that I didn’t think that appropriate because of our safety but he ignored.”

The police promised to come but as at press time, no officer has made an appearance in the community regarding this. The general fear of the people in that community is their safety from reprisal attack as it is being suspected that the culprits may have been released illegally.



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