My Book Will Impact Positively In Tackling Insecurity – Paul Yusha’u

Ibrahim Paul Yushau is an Alumnus of Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Zaria. He holds A.W.S Mechanical Engineering and Professional Diploma in Crime Management, which he obtained from Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria. He also obtained International Computer on Driving License. He was Assistant Transport Officer. Superintendent Mech. Engr. With Kaduna state Ministry of Health and Social Development before joining the FRSC in 1997. He is also a member of the Charted Institute of Transport and logistics London (CITL). An Author, writer and researcher, who wrote several books and articles, he is currently, HOD, MVA, FRSC Kafanchan unit command.

In this exclusive interview with MetroNews NG, he took journey into his book and life.

As FRSC member, what influence you to become a writer?

First of all I can say it is a gift from God. Secondly, almost all the six books I wrote, with the exemption of one, are about road safety management. What really prompts me to writing is how road accidents that cause loss of lives are increasing with an alarming rate in Nigeria. Properties worth billions of naira are been wasted annually in road accidents, the tragedy is worrisome! Let me give you one example, from among the major causes of these accidents is bursting of tyres. The new tyre needs to work for only five years from its manufacturing date. But most of our drivers don’t care to check the expiratory date of there tyre while some are not even cares to carry spare tyres. If you talk to a driver about the risk he is taking his life and the passengers, he would start telling you “Sir, please spare me, you know how recess we are, let me manage what I have” he don’t know that he is taking his and others life to expiration. So we are trying to mobilize both private and commercial drivers about the danger they are taking their life to. Sometimes even the spare tyres have already expired. Our weather here is not as the same as of the manufacturing countries so using expired tyres, especially when running in hot weather, may likely burst. So this is what I am trying to points in most of my books.

What motivates you to write the book; Strategies for Tackling Insecurity in Nigeria and what is it all about?

The challenges of insecurity are global. In every nook and corner there exists one reason or the other that cause crisis. Nigeria, with no exemption, has been experienced insecurity challenges from discontent/separatist group. Armed robbery, kidnapping, ethno-religious and political crisis are been witnessing in the country. All these issues or conflicts are just sign of the monster poverty. As a matter of fact, criminal behavior can best be explained on the basis of multiple causes. Those in authority should stop seeing themselves as Northerner, Easterner or Westerner. Those regional arrangements are for administrative purpose only. Look at the possession of fire-arms by unauthorized persons which is very dangerous. If nothing is done, and urgently too, there might be no Nigeria in the distant future. Strategies are the answer to achieve or settle conflicts, and this is what the book ‘Strategies for Tackling Insecurity in Nigeria’ is all about.

Who is sponsoring you in publishing your books?

Actually there is none. Whenever I called people to a book launching they are not coming. I didn’t receive any money from anybody. It is only God who is supporting me

What are the challenges have you faced as a writer?

Lack of financial support from individuals or the government, is the greatest challenge the writers are facing generally. Publication takes a lot of financial resources, publishing a book in Nigeria is very costly. So this is the only challenge I am facing.

How do you view Nigerian literature today?

The Nigerian literature is superb and dynamic. We need support and encouragement. Look at Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe, how gifted they are! Look at what they have achieved in their life! If government and individuals are assisting writers in Nigeria probably we will meet the global challenges of literature. My 290 pages book, title, ‘Importance of Automobile Vehicle Maintenance for Safe Driving’ is A-Z wrote on automobile. I am the first black to write on Automobile in Africa without mixing with any subject.



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