Married man begging his wife’s friend for sex exposed, Whatsapp conversation leaked

A Nigerian Lady, Bunmi has shared a pathetic story of a married man who wants to offer his banana to his wife’s friend, before he can assist her financially. She shared the screenshots of the chats between the married man and lady and wrote….

‘I am itching to post an update of a married man offering his ‘better banana’ to his wife’s friend. I am waiting for permission.

Post edit.I got the permission.

Someweeks ago, I did an inbox post from a lady needing advice. She was in a tight situation financially and this woman and her husband were really good to her. The man offered her money to set up a business. But then, behind his wife’s back, started toasting this single lady. She was confused as to what to do. We adviced her not to take the money and we raised some money for her which she used to start a small buka’

I really really want to leave his name un covered as I would like his wife to know what her husband is up to but on the other hand, I don’t want to cause another human being public humilation. So, I covered his name. Eleriibu sombodi’.



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