Maldivian Vogue Cover Model Has Tragically Committed Suicide

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple in reality. The fashion and
entertainment industries are cutthroat businesses, where those at the
top are subjected to rigorous diets, punishing workouts, constant
criticism and demanding hours. It’s not all galas and champagne parties.

not surprising that the professionally beautiful can suffer from severe
emotional dysfunction and debilitating mental health issues. With the
incredible pressure of fame and the lack of a support network, as well
as the assumption that their problems “don’t count,” models can become
deeply affected by anxiety, and sometimes even suicidal depression.Sadly,
a recent college campus tragedy has provided a chilling reminder of the
emotional distress that models can find themselves under. A Maldivian
model who featured on the cover of Vogue has reportedly killed herself
at a dormitory hostel in Bangladesh. Please note that some may find the
following details extremely upsetting.

Athif, a 21-year-old medical student studying at Islami Bank Medical
College in Rajshahi, was found dead in her room in a  Bangladeshi
dormitory hostel on Wednesday. Alongside her studies, Athif was also a
prominent model whose first major breakthrough came in 2014, via a
picture entitled “Maldivian Girl With Aqua Blue Eyes.”The
picture soon received significant attention online, and Athif was even
praised by Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives, for her
stunning good looks. Her body has since been recovered by police and has
been sent to the Rajshahi Medical College Hospital for an autopsy.

on the incident, hostel superintendent Mahmuda Begum stated: “It is
hard to believe she would commit suicide.  I was in my chamber.
Suddenly, I heard screams of my students. Rushing to the second floor of
this six-story building, I saw some of the students trying to break the
door of Athif’s room.” Once the door had been pried open, her roommates
discovered the dead body immediately and called the emergency services.



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