Low patronage hits lottery centres

It is no longer business as usual for lottery lovers and players. The alternative source of income for most Lagos residents is diminishing by the day. Customers now grumble as they no longer smile to the bank through their usual predict and win game.

OLUSEYI ALANI writes most lottery shops in Lagos used to be a must-stop centre for many people, old, middle-aged and young. From anytime of the day, lottery centres are never dried of human legs. Typically, of the game, they rush to lotto centres in the morning and by evening time, they get back for possible positive result. Resultantly, the business has turned some people to master of predict and win. They even bet among themselves as to what number will win or not.
In Lagos, it is a serious business especially for the youths. Even those who condemned and termed it as gambling for survival have joined the game, laying claims to the present economic situation of the country.
The sad news however is that majority of the Lotto centres are grumbling loudly on low patronage of the business. The customers are also complaining of having to spend too much of money on choosing perceived lucky numbers. For Sylvester Uche, lotto playing is his life. According to him, it is his main source of income. Unfortunately, business for him has ceased booming. He has borrowed beyond his limit to play lotto.
Now, his creditors are chasing him all over Lagos to pay them their money within the given period. According to him, he did not want to join but when he saw his friend who introduced him into the game making money in large sums. He decided to join in playing. “When I saw my friend Michael get huge amount of money from the numbers he predicted, I quickly joined but now the game has become dull and flat.
As it is, for someone to win big now, I have to say special prayer just to predict and win,” he lamented. Tayo Shobode also narrated his experience. According to him, lottery prediction is fun and lovely. He explained that it is a game that gives much tension while predicting winning numbers.
“It is a game that put one in total confusion of either win ning or losing. I feel more confused nowadays on playing the game. It is not as catchy as when it was first introduced. It is hard to win twice in a week on numbers predicted which one has spent a lot of money in predicting.
Lottery prediction is like a business you established. Sometimes, you lose and sometimes you win,” he concluded. Sanya Aliu lamented that, “lottery prediction has really helped me a lot since year 2010. I have earned a lot from playing but now it is really frustrating because it no longer the same.”
Aliu said he now devised a new way of winning by picking past lucky numbers pasted inside lotto shops or by asking little children to give him numbers of their choice. Fadeyi Ogundele, a lottery manager explained to New Telegraph that evolution of smart phones is one of the challenges facing them in the industry.
“We no longer have enough customers patronising us because of the latest mobile playing. Mobile lottery playing is simple and convenient for one self; all you need to do is download the application on your mobile phone and starting playing. Instead of stressing oneself by going to lotto centres, just type the numbers you wish in the request, pick numbers box any time you wish. Lottery prediction is no longer strong as it was. Sometimes, we had to force our customers to play which wasn’t so.” Ogundele explained.


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