My lover’s condition landed me in police trouble –Suspect

A suspected burglar, who was arrested for burgling a shop, has confessed that he committed the crime because he wanted to settle his girlfriend’s medical bill. The suspect, Adedeji Omotade 22, was arrested along with three of his friends identified as Ibrahim Badejo 29, Olaitan Shonubi 24 and Kehinde Sheyifunmi. Omotade said:

“My trouble started after my girlfriend had an accident while coming to Epe, from Ajah to visit me. The accident led to her being admitted in a hospital. I needed money to take care of her. I had already exhausted my savings on bills, when the doctor again demanded for more money.

I approached a friend of mine, Gabriel, for a loan of N15, 000.” He further said: “Instead of my friend to help me, he asked me to follow him to an electronics dealer’s house. I followed him because I needed the money.

I didn’t know he and his friends were going for robbery.” Omotade explained that before going for the burgling of the shop, Gabriel gave him two plasma television sets, three phones and bags to keep for him.

The following day, when Gabriel came to collect the items, he told Omotade that the only way he could assist him with the money was for Omotade to escort him somewhere. Omotade said: “I didn’t know it was robbery; I went with him.

When we got to the shop, we met two other boys waiting. Without wasting time, they broke into the shop. They stole two plasma television sets and five different phones. After that, we all dispersed. I went to another friend’s house.

I was there when some vigilante men came into the house and arrested everyone.” Omotade said that he regretted his action. He implored the police to forgive him, adding tearfully: “I only wanted to take care of my girlfriend.

I didn’t want her to die.” Narrating his own story, Badejo said: “I’m not a robber! I was sleeping in my apartment when some vigilante men charged into the apartment and arrested us. Sincerely, we are all friends, but I didn’t know when they went to rob.”

Shonubi, on the other hand, also denied being a thief. He said that one of his friends, who were arrested by the vigilante men in the community, mentioned his name, leading to his arrest. Shonubi said: “I don’t know anything about the robbery.

My elder brother’s The suspects girlfriend and Adedeji’s girlfriend are friends. They were both on a motorcycle when they had accident. They were both admitted at the hospital.

We had to take care of them. That was why we allowed Adedeji to sleep in our house, pending the time his girlfriend gets well. We were sleeping when the vigilante men barged into our house and arrested everyone.”



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